DELL double bottom?

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  1. Double bottom anyone?

    Perfect news release to coincide with double bottom IMHO.


    "More problems for Dell
    New York to Dell: Fuhgeddaboudit.

    The New York state Attorney General's Office is suing the computer maker, alleging that Dell Inc. (DELL, news, msgs) engages in "fraud, false advertising and deceptive business practices," The Wall Street Journal reported today. "
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    "George Soros, who doubled his stake in Microsoft (MSFT, news, msgs), the publisher of MSN Money, and added to positions in Apple (AAPL, news, msgs) and Motorola (MOT, news, msgs). "

    Soros bets on US?
  3. soros bet on us? he hates us
  4. Wow, I hope you're joking or you might be one of those elusive neo-cons who's actually dumb enough to believe that. :D
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    Soros bet on MSFT, AAPL, MOT... where does it say DELL ?
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  7. Dont let the news corrupt your trading thought. All you have to know about Dell is that the price is getting funneled into a triangle where trading is condensing into a tight range.

    What we do know is that the price will most likely bounce off the top and bottom of the triangle until it reaches the apex...then the price will either exit the top or the bottom. The exit will be the exciting part...

    From the looks of it and the way its setting up, I say it will probably reach the bottom and then make a decision where to go from there. Mind you, I dont know anything about the fundamentals of Dell. I do know that their computers are poorly made. Im just making this prediction based upon my experiences with such price action.

    When I have attempted to fade the price in the apex, then I have always gotten (as Jesse Livermore puts it) the stick. When price gets funneled into this triangle, you simply have no idea where it will exit. When it does exit, it will be explosive.
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  8. i like LEAPS on Dell.. I think 2007 will be a monster year considering 3rd and 4th quarter will have Wal-Mart sales factored in:cool:
  9. Pretty much followed its mirror image fold back starting @11.28.06 Projected forward.
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