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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am about to purchase a new Dell computer.

    If I purchase a Dell Dimension 4600 computer, will I have the ability to use a Matrox Video card so I can have a multi-monitor set up?

    In other words, are you able to have a multi-monitor set-up with the Dell Dimension 4600 computer?

    I want to make sure that I when I get the computer, I can pop in a multi-monitor video card without any problems.

    Thank You,
  2. Yes you can drive up to EIGHT monitors with Matrox dual cards in DELL 4600.

    # of monitors is dependent on # of PCI slots and whether an AGP slots exists.


    New DELL 4600's have ONE AGP & THREE PCI I believe.
  3. Dell and Matrox work great together. I've had a succession of Dell/Matrox card combinations over the years without any problem. I tried Appian, but the Matrox video performance was far superior. The bundled Matrox video tools are also better than packages such as Win-TV Theater.

    Be careful of remote access applications such as pcAnywhere, though. Installation of pcAnywhere can screw up particular versions of the Matrox drivers, so make sure you check their technical support forums.

  4. FWIW...

    My Dimension 4600 has a standard nVidia AGP 64mb card (* has nView) and am able to run multi monitors w/ an 8 way splitter/booster I bought from Tigerdirect for $79. ( 2 way $54, 4 way $59.) No need to buy any specialty card. :cool: (Although I'm using CRTs, not familiar DVI splitters).

    AND, BEWARE! IMO... Dell products may be ok... But this consumer will NEVER by a Dell product again. Don't expect any worthwhile support from this company. My head still hurts from their Customer/Technical Support Services.:mad:
  5. I just replaced my HP running matrox g200 with a Dell 4600. popped in my matrox card and am running 5 monitors again. switch over went smooth. Had a terrible time with my sales rep and customer service because they quoted a lower price than they charged me. took over 10 phone calls to get it worked out. I was so unimpressed with their operation that I shorted DELL stock that same morning. 2 weeks later I finally got the problem resolved and my short is also up nicely. A truly happy Dell customer :D
  6. I'm confused...(uh, not unusual with me)

    Can you explain 1 more time what this splitter/booster does?


  7. i'mlong


    so, you don't need multiple video cards? just need a splitter? sounds too good to be true. please elaborate.
  8. sammybea


    Just so I am crystal clear on this.. I need a Matrox video card to run multi-monitors? My OS (XP pro) can not simply direct multi monitors without a matrox card?
  9. It can.

    I think the whole "trick" is whether you want all the monitors combined to look just like 1 large desktop.

    I'm kind of new to muilti-monitors myself having just bought a couple of the Matrox G450 dual heads.

    With that card, I can get 2 monitors to be a large desktop or expand an application to use both of those monitors as if its 1.

    However, in order to use the 3rd monitor I have on the same system, it becomes more cumbersome, since you then have to resize all windows among the 3 monitors manually.

    Even if I put 2 G450's in the same computer, I dont think I can get the effect of a "true" 4 monitor setup, where all 4 monitors would be the complete desktop, as if it were 1.

    Can someone correct me if I'm wrong?

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    I have been working to install matrox g200 with no success in my Dell Dimension 4550 ( 2.66 GHz, 768k memory, bios version A08). I was told my matrox technical support to un-install the drivers for the dell supplied ATI card and remove the card from the AGP slot. Did that and had previously downloaded the the driver from the matrox site. Nothing seems to work. Reverted back to the the orignal configuration with the ATI card in the AGP slot. After 8 conversations over aperiod of 2 weeks with matrox technical support, it was concluded that my part number had a CPQ in the part numbering sequence and it is a matrox card developed for compaq systems. Responce from compag, now HP has not yielded anything (exchanged emails-and was told to contact matrox. Matrox says to contact HP). Back here I am sitting on the card, pondering what is to be done next.
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