Dell Dimension 4600C

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by destined, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. destined


    Is anyone here familiar with this computer? Not looking for a trading setup just something for the home office.
  2. I bought that model about a month ago when Dell had a special (free flat panel) and so far, it's been great! I've been using it mainly for digital photo editing.
  3. It's a good comp. The "C" model is compact; are you looking to save space? Otherwise get the non-C type and either save money or make some upgrades...
  4. jlm890


    Have a few of those and the 2400 models (a bit cheaper) around the office for non-trading purposes. They have been very reliable.

    One note - the 2400 does not offer much expansion capabilities (i.e. extra harddrives, memory, video cards, etc.) but it's perfect for email, MS Office type work.

    If you want to do more intensive stuff, like photo/video editing, large spreadsheet calcs, etc. go with the 4600.

    We've been very pleased with all of our Dell's.

  5. Try configuring the equivalent at
    and then compare prices.
    Quality components at awesome prices.


  6. destined


    Thanks everyone

  7. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Dude! Take another look at Dell! I got my 4600 for $513 delivered.
    512MB RAM
    40GB HD
    1.44MB floppy
    DVD/CD-RW drive
    Video, Audio, and Network on board

    For the samehting at system builder, it looks like it would cost significantly more!
  8. i think YOU better look again, cash...