Dell Dimension 4600 Factory Problem

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  1. Hi folks,

    I thought I would warn those of you who own Dimension 4600's regarding the power supply (PS). My 4600's decide to not start up last weekend at the same time. We had a power outage which should not have effected the PS on both machines. My newer 4700's are fine. I have a power regulator and separate UPS's on all my systems and network.

    Apparently, Dell had a problem with these PS's from the factory. They stop working soon after the warranty on the system expires. They switched to a different supplier once they found out about this problem. This effects some 4700's as well.

    The solution is to get a new ATX power supply from a 3rd party vendor. The PS that comes in these machines is only 250W; which isn't much for the load on it. I replaced them with 450W PS's from Microcenter made by Soly Tech. They are much quieter, a lot more powerful and a flash to replace. Make sure the PS you get is an ATX-type with a 20+4 pin on it.

    Hopefully some of you will find this useful. Don't bother calling Dell about the problem; the replacement power supply they provide is much weaker and much more expensive. The supplies I got were $31 each on sale now.

    Good luck.
  2. i bought 3 dell 3000's and a 4600 last year. i'm having problems with the 3000's fans going wild when i boot up. last year i thought it was my hot room but even in the winter they're loud. my warrenty runs out in 2 weeks. i have a 1 year in house warranty. will dell send somebody out for this?
  3. Just start by calling them and describing the problem. I don't know what "wild" means. Most of the PS's have loud fans. The new PS I put into the 4600's are quiet and have speed control depending on the temp inside the case.
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  5. They told me they would send a tech out ot install it only if I could not install it myself. I still have not took the time to warranty mine and at the moment it has been pretty quiet lately.