Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop P4 2.4GHz $139.00

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cashonly, Oct 9, 2003.

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    This is WITHOUT A DOUBT, the best deal I've seen on a PC of this performance and quality from a major manufacturer.

    Check out this amazing deal NOW!
    Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop P4 2.4GHz 256MB 40GB $139.00

    Just follow the directions at the link

    Obviously, you can upgrade as best suits your needs.

    Just ordered for myself.
    (But I upgraded to Windows XP-PRO for a REAL operating system and added a floppy drive as I still have some software there.)

    The only question is... If they're selling boxes at these prices, should I go long or short DELL?

  2. Thanks... was thinking of getting a computer...
  3. A Pentium 4 at 2.40 Gigaherz does not use an 800 Meghz FSB.

    It uses a 533 Meghz FSB.

  4. It looks like all you're going to get is a motherboard, case and cpu. Technically, I guess it's a Dell Dimension 4600 Desktop P4 2.4GHz...hehe
  5. Actually, Dell does sell models with a P4 2.4 and 800 MHz front bus as well as the older P4 2.4 and 533 MHz bus - check their options on the Dimension 4600C
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    Cool site though

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    I followed the link, but can't get this computer for $139 even with the rebate?! How'd you do it?
  8. I was trying to order this and Dell wouldn't let me put it in my cart. Kept saying the site was undergoing maintenance. Finally a message pops up saying something needed to be changed and I had to start all over - well then it looks like the deal is gone.

    I even called Dell and tried to order one over the phone and the lady said I was nuts. What the heck? I even got the Dell evalue code...


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    Appears that the deal has expired. Someone told me that they called Dell and they said it was on the website by mistake, but that those who got their orders in will get their PC's as advertised.

    They've had this type of thing happen in the past and they've made good on it if you got your order in.
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    Thats the 2nd time I hesitated on a deal with Dell and missed. They had a 200g HD a few weeks ago that after two rebates would have been $22. It was a mistake, but they eventually said they would honor it. ARRRRGGGGG!!!
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