Dell Dimension 2400

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  1. Anyone here using a Dell Dimension 2400 with an Intel Pentium 4 chip for their trading? If so any opionions about this model? I believe this model has intergrated video and audio so not sure how much this would affect the dual monitor trader?

    Any thoughts?

  2. With onboard "integrated" audio you have no AGP slot that you could install a dual-output AGP card that would give you the capability to support dual-monitors.

    You would have to see if you can find some sort of a PCI slot video card that has dual-output.

    I am not sure if they are even made. . .
  3. 2400 is "junk". no AGP & only 3 PCI slots. motherboard suks.

    wait & watch for frequent 4600 series deals. AGP & 5 PCI slots.

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    The workstation models are much better values and 1 year old models are cheap on the used/reconditioned market.....
  5. Hey thanks for the headups about the 2400 series. I see they have a 2 day special on the 4600 series for only $100 more and it actually comes with more stuff I think....$499 after instant savings and rebate...

    Does anyone happen to know if the 4600 series comes with firewire and or usb 2.0? How many?

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    Hey if your looking for a dell configure something in the gamer category. These systems are tailored to play the best games, and are really powerfull. The also have the ability for and add on dual moniter, and you dont have to purchase office 2003 if u dont want it.
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    4600 has 8 USB ports, but only 3 PCI slots. No mention of firewire on specs page.
  8. i use a 2400 in my day job.. it would work ok for most people.. pretty good deal actually for what it is..

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