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    Long ago someone posted a website that shows weekly specials for deals on Dell computers. Can anyone re-post that site if they know it. Time to look for a newer PC. Thanks.
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    Thanks for those links, but that's not the site I was looking for. The site I'm searching for had Dell coupons as well and it had deals specifically for small business and home use. Of course my present PC had a hard drive failure and I lost my list of "favorites" which included that website. Thanks anyway.
  3. Not a direct answer to your Dell coupon question, but this July 2006 article from Consumer Reports
    may reveal why some of the coupon sites no longer exist or relay as many promotions as before:

    Dell to pull plug on confusing deals

    If you've tried buying a computer online lately, you've probably encountered a confusing array of promotional offers that included some combination of mail-in rebates, "free" printers, upgraded monitors, extra memory, even digital cameras. The next day you might have found an entirely different batch of deals.

    Acknowledging consumers' frustration with such programs, Dell has announced plans to scale back its special offers starting next month. First on the chopping block are promotions for Inspiron notebooks and Dell's line of TVs, set to end in August.

    The overall goal, according to Dell, is to reduce the number of rebates and promotions on all product lines by 70 percent within the next 12 to 18 months.

    "We want to make it simpler for customers to see the net price at checkout," said Venancio Figueroa, a Dell spokesman.

    The complexity and variety of special offers make it difficult to know exactly what you might get for your money, with deals changing daily and sometimes more than once a day. "You could have two people buying the same computer on the same day for a different price," said Michael Gartenberg, vice president and research director at Jupiter Research, an analyst firm in New York.

    In addition, consumers are tired of playing the rebate game, with rebates sometimes delayed because of errors on the mail-in forms or cumbersome processes, Figueroa said. Dell will still offer some electronic rebates, but the process will be streamlined.

    Things have gotten so complicated that there are Web sites devoted to helping bargain hunters sort through all the available offers. A search of one site,, netted more than 100 "deals" involving Dell products, including credit offers, discounts, and free shipping, along with varying expiration dates and even expiration hours.

    Dell's goal, said Figueroa, is not necessarily lower prices. For example, the elimination of a $100 rebate on a particular product won't automatically lead to a $100 price drop for that product. "The net impact to customers on what they pay at checkout will remain the same," he said. "It's not about price, but experience." The goal, he added, is to make the process "very transparent."

    In addition, Dell is taking its time scaling back the promotions as it tries to understand what works for customers and what doesn't. "That gives Dell the ability to put this out there, see how it goes over, then adjust as necessary," Gartenberg said.

    Given computer makers' tendency to "follow the leader" with pricing, we'd expect other companies to scale back their own promotions in the future.

    Just how difficult will it be for Dell to break the promo habit? At the same time the company made its announcement, it was pushing "10 Days of Deals" on its home computer products.
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  5. ... the Dell discount offer web pages above being the sources for most of the Dell Deals/Coupons Websites offers,
    as well as revealing possible better deals from authorized Dell resellers noted in some of the preceeding ET posts
    - given the specific product configuration a trader may be looking for.
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