dell deal without windows

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Free Thinker, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. this is the first time i have seen a dell computer offered without windows. maybe this is why msft stock is so weak.

    Dimension 2400n Deal P4-2.8Ghz $379, Mar 2
    No Microsoft OS, so you save more money. Smaller rebate than other deal.
    Dell Small Business has the FreeDOS based Dimension 2400n Desktop P4-2.8Ghz/533Mhz Bus 128MB/40GB CD, Ethernet, Free PDA, Digital Camera, or All in 1 printer, $429 - $50 rebate = $379 shipped free.

    Click Desktops, Compare Desktop Lines, Choose N Series, Choose Dimension, Featured Systems, Customize it on right config. Choose P4-2.8Ghz, $50 rebate, Free PDA, Digital Camera, or All in 1 printer.

    Same speed 4600 for $399. (Thanks Jay)

    $50 rebate Exp 3/3/04
  2. Sounds pretty good, Vehn.

    I would remind everyone that the 2400 model has integrated video, thus you cannot put in an AGP card to support dual-monitors from the AGP slot.
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    I do not believe that is correct. On most of these motherboards, you can disable the onboard graphics card.

  4. All computers have more or less some windows.
  5. The Dell Dimension 2400 has no AGP slot, just Integrated Intel Graphics.

    Thus, you would have to use some sort of a PCI slot graphics card with a dual-output for multiple monitors . . . And yes, I do believe that you are correct that the "integrated" graphics can be disabled. Am just not sure what PCI slot graphics card you would go with, or whether or not it would be cost effective.

    Might want to go with the Dell Dimension 4600.
    Atleast that unit has an AGP slot and comes with a 64mb Nvidia GeForce4 MX graphics card with dual-output. Gives you a bit more flexibility.