Dell D9200/XPS 410, C2D, 2.13Ghz, 2G RAM, XP, + extras... $395

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  1. Perfect trading rig..

    Dell Dimension 9200/XPS 410, w/WinXP Home, C2D, E6400 (2.13Ghz, 1066Mhz FSB)
    2G RAM
    1, PCIEx16 + 1, x1, + 1, x4, + 3 PCI slots
    DVD-RW drive
    DVD drive
    80G HD, 7200 RPM
    RAID Controller
    GeForce 7300 LE video card
    Onboard audio and NIC, of course
    Optional PS/2 ports
    Optional 1394 Firewire
    WinXP reinstall disk
    USB keyboard and USB optical mouse

    Clean, no cosmetic damage... runs perfectly, IS FAST, and cool.. about 94F on Core 0.

    Optional upgrades (negotiable)... NVS 290 dualhead workstation video card, 3G or 4G RAM, 160MB or 300MB hard drive.... and/or add 2nd hard drive.

    WinXP is disappearing from the market place, so take advantage of this! I'm offering for sale only because I replaced it with a new Precision T3400.

    Cheapest price on eBay for a D9200 is $555... and it's slower.

    If you're concerned about dealing with me, you can stop. I've sold probably 30 video cards and a some other items (including computers) on ET... if I'd hosed somebody, you can be assured they'd have bitched in forum. This computer is in great condition just as I have described. :>)

    $395 + shipping + upgrades, if any, + 3% PayPal fee if used.

    Ron H.

  2. Oops...

    The "160MB and 300MB hard drives" are 160G and 300G, of course.

    The "optional PS/2 and 1394 Firewire ports" are options for this computer. They are included.
  3. I always get annoyed when people try to sell used pc's and brand new pc prices...

    The $449 option with a $40 processor upgrade is a slightly better *NEW* (with a meaningless 1 yr warranty) machine with a 20" monitor for $90 more than your price with much cheaper shipping.

    With barebones hard drive and video card, it's worth $275 tops.
  4. You sir, are TOTALLY FULL OF CRAP! If the world had your understanding, a Yugo and a Lexus would be the same price.

    The Vostro is waayyyy less quality computer than the D9200... I know for sure, because I have both.

  5. Just out of curiosity: will you use the Dell downgrading rights to install XP Pro license or will you keep Vista 32/ 64?
  6. XP. I'll never use Vista so long as XP is an option.
  7. Tums


    And he will soon only have one, LOL.
    guess which one? The waayyyy higher quality one?
  8. Tums


    he always try to be helpful, but I don't always agree with his recommendations.
  9. No. I bought the Vostro to run only one monitor and a dedicated task. I knew it has a cheap mobo and all, but it'll do for its intended use.

    I've run 6 monitors off of the D9200... it does not have a cheapo mobo.
  10. Well, you probably should get over that. I've been schooled in logic. You?
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