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  1. dnouche


    I'm think about buying a Dell laptop, but have noticed the coupons haven't been that great.. I check
    but there haven't been any good coupons issued lately.

    Can anyone recommend a place where I can get a $750 off coupon.


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  3. Here's a link for a deal on a laptop, and a great desktop deal which includes 20" LCD for pretty cheap. Deals end tonight.
  4. i think dell is going to phase out all the coupons. they;ve been killed selling things too cheap
  5. EricP


    I think their quality is starting to suffer, as well. Earlier this week, I had a video card die on a ~6 month old Precision Workstation ($4k machine). About 9 months ago I had a power supply die on another Dell Precision Workstation that was less than a year old.

    Both times, the machine was under warranty and they dispatched a service guy to come out and replace the bad parts and get me running again. However, it sucks to see this apparent decline in reliability. I've bought nothing but Dells in the past 5 years (~10 machines total) and am starting to wonder if another manufacturer would now be better.


    P.S. I am awaiting a new battery on my Dell laptop, as well.
  6. EricP


    Save up to $380 on select Dell desktops and servers. I got two of these:

    KP?LWLR94JR725 and
  7. nkhoi

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    $100 off coupon on top of discount

  8. WD40


    Why buy a Dell when you can get a HP.

    Better still, build one yourself.
  9. I used to love Dell myself, the computer I got from them last year for just a few hundred dollars was great. However the latest one I bought had nowhere near the quality I expected. I gave it to my kids instead of one of my old computers I had planned to give them.
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