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  1. Dell has many coupons including the flat panel 35% off and dollar discounts that are stackable. Funny thing, I had seen so many of these recently that I bought some out of money 35 puts for their earnings release which was way wrong.
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    Just thought I'd post a comment on my recent experiece with Dell customer service.

    I have had Dell machines for years (6-10 machines total) and had never experienced a single problem with any of them. This is contrary to the experience I have had with no-name brands or custom built brands purchased at a discounted price.

    Anyway, I got word about a month ago that one of my servers co-located in NYC was 'running hot' (Note: This machine was bought this past August). Apparently, it was making a smoking smell and was very hot to the touch. I immediately saved the information that I needed and remotely shutdown the machine. Later that day, I called Dell. We discussed the situation, and what I knew of the problem. Subsequently, they set up a service call to have a repair technician come to the co-location facility, and they replaced both CPU's (dual system), the motherboard and the power supply (maybe something else, not sure). Anyway, they replaced anything that they figured might have caused the problem, and now I've got a 'new' machine again that works fine.

    To summarize, I hate having computer problems, and I rarely see them. However, when I did have a big issue this past month, I was very happy with the way Dell handled it.

  4. Eric, I definitely agree with you. We have 11 dell dimensions in our office along with on location service agreements and have had very good responses. There have been some times on the phone where I have talked to someone where there was a language difference and communications barrier, but this didn't have anything to do with their knowledge.
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    How about putting up a picture of your set up in the pictures of your trade setups section? Sounds like it would be a sweet one to see.
  6. R-in I don't have anything very exciting to show you, except maybe my bosses office which he won't want photographed; I was mostly just agreeing with Eric about dell quality. Sorry if my reply sounded like all of those computers were part of one setup in one office.
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    Thanks for the link :D
  8. i've bought 4 dell computers and 5 1905's in the last few months. there onlin service is extremely hard as every single rep is from india or the phillipines. its very tough to understand. but when your part is bad they dhl it out and you ahve in 48 hrs max
  9. no doubt everytime some you guys buy smthg gotta call the reps up guve them a hard time

    i bought tons of crap i yet call anyone!

    its like well i bot smthg now i have a right to give someone a hardtime..
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    MYNAMEISNOBODY, Where are you located? What country? Are you Dell CS?

    What kind of job do you have with Dell?
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