Dell coupons

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sky123987, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Basically I need to buy another beast of a computer ~ 3500. Anyone konw of any good deals / coupons?
  2. I just got a Vostro 400 Minit Tower. Its in the small business section of Dell's site.

    I got the Intel E6550, 2 Gigs memory, small hard drive (80gb) and the Navdia 8600 GTS card. It was right at $1000. I also got XP.

    I run tradestation and IB on the same computer and my old one just couldn't keep up that great. It was an amd 2800.

    This machine's cpu rarely pegs above 8-10%. Its the fastest machine I have ever used.

    So far, so good.