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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by richtrader, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. I have bought a number of Dells in the past and receive email coupons regularly. Here is one for 10% off your entire purchase which I will not be using. It expires 6/13 and I suspect will be good for the first person who uses it only:

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  3. If anyone has a Dell SB coupon that expires today and they are not going to use, pm me. Thank you.
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  5. Yeah, you get 10% off from the Dell Small Business Division, but then they make you pay the taxes!

    As a result, you might wind-up saving about $45.00 on a typical top of the line, XPS System.
  6. kgharris
    Thanks, but it shows as used. If anyone else has one please pm it to me.
  7. Anyone have a coupon available?
    Thank you!

    ( please pm it to me since someone must have used that last one I asked for as soon as it was posted)
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  9. Here's a new one for 15% off all Servers, Switches, and Storage. It expires 6/20/03.

  10. How do you get on Dell's mailing list for these coupons? Thanks.
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