Dell 55 4k conference room monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by mervyn, Nov 17, 2021.

  1. mervyn


    anyone has experience with this one, as primary monitor to charts and watchlists? I am sitting 25-30 inch away from the setup.
  2. wrbtrader


    Why does Dell call this a "conference room monitor" instead of a "large screen monitor" like they did in recent years ???

    Also, why would you need a 4k monitor for trading ?

  3. maxinger


    good idea to get one big monitor for trading.
    I don't have 55". My biggest monitor is a 42" portrait format.

    you also want to consider getting a few 32" monitors, portrait format.
    arrange it in C or U shape to 'enclose' you.
    I think this is the best setup if you want to have a huge screen area.
    and is the best arrangement as the distance from the eyes to the screens are all equal.
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  4. maxinger


    just curious ...

    4K gives you better image quality and hence less eye strain.
    many people have been asking why the need for 4K and not say 2K or 1K.
    what is the reason?
    is it the cost reason?
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  5. wrbtrader


    4k large monitor costs have come down (below the $2,000) and that's the only reason that I can see.

    I've never traded on any type of 4k monitor...large or small...not sure how they would prevent or minimize nausea/headache. Yet, I'm now curious if they would be better for minimizing "eye strain".

    I may try one of these large 4k monitors considering the store nearby has a 30 day return policy (no questions asked).

  6. mervyn


    because the normal monitor stand is not provided, and the wall bracket is optional but recommended to hang, like a TV. Regular TV resolution is not very sharp.

    I do like the idea of one big screen for every chart, my order entry is on DOM, rarely click on chart directly. I can do that on a laptop.
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  7. rb7


    My main monitor is a 43" 4k.
    I would never go back to smaller, although I don't use charts or DOM or anything graphical.
    I'm sitting approx. 24" away from it.
  8. wrbtrader


    Everybody is different but I found it more efficient to put my charts on two monitors and my broker trade execution platform on the 3rd monitor (center monitor)...

    Whereas I use my lap screen for trading-related info involving market news and browsing the internet when I'm taking a break from trading.
    • A very long time ago I discovered I had less stress, less eye strain, and fewer trade mistakes when I was no longer looking at charts on the wall monitors or mounted on tripod stands and then moving my eyes back to the laptop to execute trades.
    My point, as I'm sure you've noticed, size of our monitors and the way we configure them with charts including how we mount those does impact our cognitive decision-making involving our trades.

  9. mervyn


    I have two 27 already, I felt it is not enough. I have four brokerage platforms and on average I am watching at 2 accounts. let alone the watchlists.

    But you are right, decision-making I can do at best is just one or two tickers at a time day trading positions.

    The 55 is cheap, just $1129 at the moment.
  10. I have 4 4K TV/monitors all on different computers. If your eyesight is good, a 42" monitor is great. If your eyesight is not so good, I love my 50" onn. I have a 55", but I use it as a TV as for me nothing is gained over the 50". Now when 8K is cheap...
    Unless you are playing games buy a cheap Roku Smart TV from Walmart, 40" to 50" depending on your eyesight ($250 to $350). Buy two. With two computers. If you have a problem with one...
    Any of these monitors will work in portrait mode.
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