dell 5150 video

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by trend, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. trend


    I just got a dell 5150 with ATI radeon x300se video card,
    PCI-E x16. I want to add a dual card that is compatible
    with this x300 card. I have a pci-e x1 and a couple
    pci slots open. Can somebody post a link to a *genuine*
    ATI dual card that'll work? Just want to be sure...

    Also, I'm going to reinstall XP to clean up all the dell junk.
    I've only done this once years ago with win 98se. Any advise
    before I start? This computer is only used for charting
    and order entry. Should be pretty straightforward, no?

    Again, thanks for any help. I'll check back after the weekend.