DELL 30" Ultra Sharp

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by saxon22, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. kewl nightlight on that can work in the dark!
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  2. newbbee


    I can see that you trade agricultural futures?
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  3. Your "eye strain" thing must be all in your head [pun]. If pixel size were the cause of eye strain, you should suffer MASSIVELY from watching TV.
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  4. Incorrect, TV is watched from about 6 feet away, doesn't need the high res
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  5. Can't get anything by you...
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  6. Watching TV and working on a PC 20 inches away from the screen are two different animals. Most people have at least 10 ft. between their eyes and their TV, the same cannot be said for monitors. Like I said before, I am not looking for the cheapest replacement, but one that will provide the best viewing experience and the safest environment for my eyes.
    I actually like that 30" in the middle and
    x 19" on the sides. Looks like the ideal set up, where most work would be performed on the big screen and the two 19s would have secondary information to glance at from time to time.
    Naturally, 3 x 30" would be ideal, but I would have to postpone the purchase of other toys that much farther, and I am not going to wait to drive my beloved nsx till I am 40. :D :D :D :D
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  7. What makes you think I watch TV????? As a matter of fact there was a period of my life where for 2 years I did not watch television at all.:D :D :D :D :D
    Best time of my life if you ask.:p Something I recommend to all my friends. Unfortunately for most people letting go of tv is as easy as having a crack addict throwing away his crack pipe.:(
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  8. from what I understand...eye strain...would be referring to the muscle controlling the contraction and the dilation of the pupil for focusing and making cognitive signals to the brain. right?

    when you work a muscle what are you doing to it? now in longer periods of this get strain correct...

    I really do not have a point here, just trying to understand...

    Michael B.

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  9. Buying cheap monitors = economical
    Going blind because you wanted to save couple dollars = priceless
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  10. BTW

    What mouse is that????????????????
    Would be an excellent Christmas gift from me to ... me.:D
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