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  1. After abusing my good old trusty Sony 17" CRT monitor for many years, it stopped working. So I am in the market for another monitor. Since I wear glasses and consider my eyes so much more important than saving couple of bucks on a cheap monitor, I decided to get something high quality. Moreover, since this new monitor is going to be my primary screen for trading, it would also be nice for it to be the best it could be in that field as well.
    So far DELL 30" is the most attractive one.
    The questions are:
    1. How good is it in real life?
    2. Any + or - associated with this particular monitor????
    3. Are there other choices quality and size wise?
    4. As seasonal TRADERS, what are your recommendations?


  2. romik


    I would say you need a DVI monitor, I've used same screen with an analogue and digital connection, massive difference. Definition via a DVI connection is fantastic, analogue seems to be a bit blurred in comparison.
  3. Frey


    I have one and it's great. It's an almost perfect monitor ... almost because I'd like to see more inputs than just the standard DVI. However, the price really came down on this one and for $1300 it's pretty much the best you can get.
    Be aware though, that you need a graphics card with Dual DVI Link
  4. You will be better off with 2 x Dell 24" LCDs vs the 1 x Dell 30".

    More screen real estate with 2 x 24" vs 1 x 30".

    Each 24" has 1920 x 1200. I run the 2 24" monitors using a dual DVI video card. Most modern cards have dual DVI output. Just look on if you need to upgrade.
  5. jtnet


    yeah ide agree with the dual 24's proly the same price too or cheaper than the 30, and the 24s are actually pretty big sitting in front of one
  6. romik


    I use 2 19"s & find it sufficient. Of course it's a personal thing, but since you would be using it for trading & it's a business, surely a wiser decision would be to consider costs involved. 2 DVI 19" for ~$500 vs 30" for $1300.
  7. Saxon-

    You won't need a 30" monitor to scalp 1/4 points off the ES!!!

    Just having some fun with ya.. :)

    Seriously, I agree with the others that you'll get more bang for your buck with two 24's. Depending on what you want to be looking at, three 21's might even be better. More screen real estate means less minimizing and maximizing.

    And I could be wrong, but to me it looks like the image is sharper on the smaller screens.

  8. boy if u got it cheap over there...that 30inch dell costs more than 2k bucks [£1k+]here in the uk.:(
  9. Seems 2, 20.1", UXGA (1600x1200) makes more sense for trading. That's still 3200x1200 for < $1000, and no problem with video cards to power them.
  10. for those of U who use 2 or 3 monitors side by side, does the same thing show on all the monitors?
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