Dell 30 inch monitor

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    Pros -- very big

    Cons -- too big
  2. I saw a trading floor where guys had 5 of these in front of them.

    What's next? the Drive In Trading theater?

  3. There are no great 30" monitors out there right now, but the one you are looking at is good for the price. It has an LG S-IPS screen so you get good viewing angles, but is has sort of a sparkly appearance which some people do not like. It does not have true color accuracy, a good scaler, and it will have some backlight uniformity issues, but you probably don't care about that for trading.

    All 30" monitors need a really good video card to take advantage of the native resolution (and there is no reason to buy a 30" unless you run it that way) and the dot pitch is small so you will probably want to increase the dpi to make it easier to read.

    Also, as far as I know all 30" monitors get hot, I mean hot enough that you will notice it so you will want a fan or good air conditioning. You should also count on spending a couple hundred on a calibrator to get the monitor looking correct.

    I have 2 30" NEC; there is no such thing as too big.

  4. Thanks

    Is this a good card ?

    It is the only one that dell shows as compatible with the 2560 x 1600 resolution.
  5. Where is Gnome? He is the video card expert.
    Unless you are trying to do a lot of 30" monitors you do not need that card. The FX line is for video pros, you don't need to spend that much. Most new gamer video cards will do. An ATI Radeon HD 4850 can do two of these monitors and is only $190. I would call newegg and tigerdirect to ask questions about a card that can handle this AND will work in your computer. If you are trying to put a new card in an old computer you can easily run into problems.
  6. I'm not all that up on 2560x1600 video cards. But if you looking for a card for trading and not gaming, then any dualhead DVI with this capability will be fine.

    If you want one with no fans, Matrox "M" has a new one. Otherwise, any Nvidia or ATI mid-range gaming card will do. You could get by with one for maybe $70 or so... or more if you want to spend.

    And opt789 is correct... the Nvidia FX line is for graphic design and waaaayyyy overkill for trading. Nvidia has one of those which sells for about $7,000... just the video card... sheesh!.

  7. So these cheaper dual head dvi's will support 2560 x 1600 ?

    To me it would be pointless to get the bigger monitor if you skimp on a cheap card that does not let it reach its full potential.
  8. nvidia has several cards in the geforce line that will run one or two monitors at the 2560 resolution. yes, some of them have dual, dual-link outputs.

    They have the fans as gnome states, and require beefy power supplies (over 450 watts). They can be has for about $100 depending which one you get. All are overkill for trading, but this is what i am looking at also to replace a very old system i am now running. Two 30's is going to replace a whole smorgasbord of smaller monitors.
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