Dell 24" wide screen

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    How much?
  2. not listed !
    I hate this type of annoucement, where the bloody price for heaven's sake ?
  3. i'm curious about the price too.

    is that why 2005 is going for 507?
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    I've heard 1200.
  5. Sounds about right.

    Here is the listing of all LCD monitors on Dell's Australian site. The monitor is listed for $1788AUD with GST.

    1000:1 contrast ratio !!!

    Does anyone know who actually makes the 24 and 20-inch-normal (not Widescreen) Dell LCDs - I believe it is either Philips or Samsung...

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    Have a look at this regarding the 2001FP (20 inch non-widescreen)
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    These Monitors must be HUGE. Does anyone know if these would be mountable on Ergotron stands. Probably have to get longer polls (which you can do). Two of these on a verticle Ergotron stand would give someone ALOT of real estate. But at 1100 bucks ---not bad.
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