Dell 24" LCD

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  2. WOW ____ THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. have four as my primary trading setup, they are sweet! I did have to reinforce my wire shelving with 3/8" threaded steel to support the extra weight and minizmize the deflection in the shelves. I have mine set up on a quad stand, Moview, custom made a stand to support them.
  4. The last time the 2405FPW went on sale for $800 dollars, I purchased one - nearly a month before building the rest of my computer set up. I have regretted not purchasing a second one from the moment I hooked it up. My Thanks to GriffenZ for the link above.

    - Spydertrader

    Edit: I just finished purchasing the second one 2 minutes before typing here. Thanks again for that link.
  5. i saw one at a Dell kiosk in a mall recently and the screen resolution looked excellent --- really seemed like the best value out there for that size of an LCD.

  6. cool --- that sounds like a great set-up!
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    These coupons you guys post is the best service on ET.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  8. At anandtech, they are describing a way to get this monitor for $714. There are a few tricks that might save you a few bucks, including an ebay discount, a discount and something called DPA. One guy posted that his order is confirmed at $724.62. Another member says he has 35 coupons available via PM.

    This seems to be the same coupon mentioned at

    A quick review of the thread there indicates that some people have to pay different taxes than others, resulting in a different final price.

    Please check out this link for yourself - I am only posting it because I came across it while looking for something else. I have not done my DD on this deal.
  9. i tired to purchase the 2405 put it said coupon no good. anyone know why or is there another thanks
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