Dell 24 inch

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by volente_00, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Anyone running this monitor ?

    Seem dirt cheap but the reviews look good

    Pro's ?

    Con's ?
  2. im running 6 dell 24".. couple of years old now.. one has a few bad pixels and I had to send one back for warranty replacement.. otherwise they have been good monitors..
  3. i run DELL E248WFP and G2410, both work well.
  4. bellman


    I have the 2408WFP. No problems, good picture.

    It sure does put off a lot of heat. So much so that I feel it warms my room up a little bit.

    I'm ready for LED backlights to become standard.
  5. dirkd


    i love the 24" dells. i have 3 of them and will only buy the 24" from now on. i started out with a 20" widescreen but the real estate is not comparable to a 24". i got the 1920x1200 normal one. i highly recommend this monitor. cheap and perfect for trading. you shouldnt be running blue ray dvd's on your monitors anyways. do you want to trade or look at high def porn?
  6. just21


    I have three 2407s and two have broken on/off switches, otherwise a great monitor.
  7. the on / off switch is likely not broken

    make sure its turned so that the "|" is at the top.
  8. Stock777 knows of what he speaks. Make sure that bar is pointing toward the ceiling. Do a little thumb twist. :D