Dell 22inch LCD vs. 24inch UltraSharp

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    I know the ultrasharp is a superior monitor and I have a 19inch one and the clarity is excellent. but when it comes to the widescreen Dell is selling the 22 inch (non ultra sharp) for only $ 270. compared to the 24 inch ultrasharp for $ 569.

    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these models and feels that $ 300 extra is really worth it for the 24in for charting purposes. (no pc gaming whatsoever) just for charts.

    I'd appreciate some feedback.

    Thanks !
  2. There is quite a lot of difference...

    22" = 1680x1050, TN panel

    24" = 1920x1200, VA or IPS panel

    TN's are not as good on colors or viewing angle, but could still be OK for trading if you don't mind the shortcomings.
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    300 is like one bad entry. And you're prly. gonna use this screen for thousands of trades... go 24.
  4. tell u what i have 3 dell 22" monitors and 2 20" imac and using them only for charting. for my eye they look almost the same .well imac slightly sharper but there is very little difference.
  5. Are those imac's 4:3? If so, they'll have a tighter pixel pitch and should look a bit sharper.
  6. go for the 24". Better yet, get 6 of them for a 3 over 3 setup and trade like NASA xD
  7. Unless you're absolutely set on Dell (and as one who works in IT I can assure you that you shouldn't be), there are a lot better deals to be had out there on 22" and 24" monitors. Check out sites like dealnews, you'll oftentimes see 22" monitors going for the mid 100's and 24" monitors in the high 200's.
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    thanks for the info. what other monitor out there is the same quality as the 24 ultra sharp ? in the mid 200,s thats a steal but I cant imagine it having the same clarity.

  9. I'm not realy hip on which LCD's are the best quality, there are others that get real deep into who manufactured each component of the screen. I usually just check the basic stats... resolution, contrast, and response time. The only point of my comment is that there are better deals to be had out there for monitors that have the same stats. In general, Dell does not have a great reputation for quality. HP and IBM are typically held in higher regard if you're talking about the big boys.

    You should be able to get a comparable 22" for $200, and I recently saw a 24" monitor go for $300 on dealnews. Other sites to check are slickdeals and pricewatch. Good luck with your search. Paying $600 for a 24" is unneccessary, unless you're convinced it has better quality and you're willing to pay for it (when it will be half that a year from now). I just want you to know you have options.
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    thanks for the info.

    i've had a good experience with the 19 inch dell ultrasharp used for a year and the quality is really good. I cant say the same for all dell items for the ultra sharp held up nicely.

    I'll definitely look around for other deals on those sites, thanks man.
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