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  1. I just go this monitor for $450 shipped from ebay.

    Damn this thing is big and bright. I have been using 19" crt's all my life and the 2005fp brightness is putting my eyes on fire.

    I have it set on vga input.. brightness is set to 0 and contrast at 45. It still is so bright. Is there any way to adjust or do I just have to get used to this. I hope all of this light does not damange my eyes.

    Is the 1905fp this bright too?

    Any suggestions on how to calibrate this monitor for trading purposes.. basically staring at the screen for 12+ hours a day.
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    Try turning down the gamma on your video card.
  3. I played around with gama on my nvidia card.. The white's when browsing webpages are stil blistering
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    You should be able to turn down the gamma so the screen is almost black...keep trying!
  5. Are you in a pitch black room?

    Yes, the 1905FP is pretty bright if you want it to be.

    Also, make sure the VGA cables are well connected in the back of your computer and monitor.
  6. Yes I am in a pretty dark room.
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  8. I turned the brightness down to 0 in the monitor functions.
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    What he said.

    Just make sure you don't end up short gamma, that's bad news.
  10. What do u mean by short gamma?
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