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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tr51, Jun 19, 2006.

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    I hv 2 dell 20.1 in 2005 FPW and am looking for a third. Dell seems to hv substituted the 2005 WFP with the 2007 WPF. what if any is the difference and is one better than the other??
  2. If you buy the 2007 you'll only have to repeat your name 3 times to "James" the Pakistani customer support tech instead of the usual 5.
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    2007 is the newer model ... supposedly more improved I guess. Clearer ? brighter ?
  4. HAHAHA! That just made my day :D
  5. Rather than the 1680x1050 model, I would suggest the larger, 23" model, which supports max resolution 1920x1200. I believe the model is 2305WFP. That little bit of extra screen real estate makes all the difference.

  6. i have the 2007 and got it for $363 on sale 2 months ago. i agree for $100 more i'd go with the 1920 resolution as thats a lot more real estate
  7. Where did you buy the 2007 for $363? I'm in the market for a couple more 23" 'ers and would love that kind of discount

  8. were did you get 23 inch? the 2007 is a 20 incher and dells 2405 is 24 inches. dell has no 23 incher
  9. Yeah, sorry about that. Apple calls it a "23-inch" display, but maybe it's actually 24. In any case, the standard resolution is 1920x1200. All flat panels sporting this resolution are the same size.

    More importantly, where on earth can you find a 2407 for $463 (you quoted $100 more than 2007FPW). I'd LOVE to get my hands on a few of those for that price.
  10. i was thinking. the lowest price ever for the dell 2405 is about $700 or slightly less. i'l love to get a 2405 for $500 or so
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