Discussion in 'Trading' started by bronks, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. I would like to know the reasons for my two posts being deleted. For that matter, are there hard rules for post deletions beside the obvious ones? My messages were just a reply to what another member had stated and even sharing the same type of wordage. Yet, his was not deleted (don't mean to drag you into this Nitro). What gives? Yes it was off subject, yes it contained innuendo and word play just as Nitro's did. No I didn't berate anyone nor did I use offensive: language, spelling, grammar, or punctuation. So it must come down to content (I'm assuming) which offended. Funny how my post was deemed offensive and Nitro's was not. Everyday members bash each other, vendors push their wares down peoples throats, sponsors embraced, and you've got Candle wanting to kill everything! What ever, that's fine, it is what makes for a great message board. But don't dispense your (moderator?) elitist fervor with discrimination, it really pisses me off.

  2. Zboy, since you are the moderator I would like a response. Preferably before the Superbowl begins. Just tell me where I went wrong.