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  1. the mods randomly delete threads

    they just deleted my best thread with no warning whatsoever.
  2. Joe


    Sorry about that, I'm not sure what was wrong with your thread. Please feel free to start a new one, I would suggest a thread title that shows its importance.
  3. Jumpshot


    Hi Joe,

    My thread on "March and October pivotal trading months" was moved to chit/chat. Did I post this topic in the wrong forum? Which forum would be most appropriate?

    Here is the link to my post which is now in chit/chat:

    The purpose behind my post was to find if someone had data on March/October. I see that many times there have been turning points in market history around March/October and I was seeking more exact data on the phenomenon.

    I also posted a poll in the Trading section to gauge trading sentiment and that too was moved to chit/chat. Here is the link to that post:

    Is there something I am doing wrong? Should my posts be going to different forums? Please elaborate and provide some guidance as I am new here and dont quite understand this site.

  4. Joe


    The first thread I agree with you on, it could stay in the regular posting section. I moved it to the T/A section. The second thread is definitely chit chat.