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  2. It's over?
  3. Say It Ain't So... We Hardly Knew Ye...

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  5. Hehehe I figured it out.
  6. What's the big problem? I posted a question. I actually finished posting and while reading it over, I decided to rethink & reword the post. However, elite trader, it seems, doesn't give my the rights to delete the post for good, only to make modifications. So I blanked it out.

    What's the big deal? :confused:
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  9. Yeah, better than folks who's tripping all over themselves commenting on empty threads, no looking for the obvious. I guess trades are done the same way? :D
  10. Now I know why I like ET so much. It's great to hop over a couple times a day and get a good laugh. You guys are just hillarious. :D
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