Deleted threads at ET placed trojan on your computer

Discussion in 'Politics' started by yabz, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. yabz


    There was recently a thread on this forum called Exchange and Buy paypal ,e-gold,e-Bullion Buying and selling gold and silver.

    It was spam for a site called I clicked on this site and it was largely empty of content. However I noticed that it put a file called fiks.exe on my desktop.

    Its the first time I've visited a site that has managed to transfer a file onto my PC without asking permission. It would be interesting to know what kind of virus it contains. Google doesn't seem to have any info on it.
  2. wdscott


    IRC Trojan Viruses.
    I got 20 corrupted files.
    Still trying to fix it.

    Dave Scoot
  3. i saw it too. i bet its a virus sucks sorry to hear that
  4. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    In my system it placed fiks.exe in 2 locations, my \WINNT folder and my \WINNT\SYSTEM32 folder. It also activated the file and fiks.exe showed up in my running processes. It also made a registry entry to activate fiks.exe upon Windows startup. However, I scanned both files with Norton Anti-Virus (using virus defs from less than 2 weeks ago) and neither file was listed as containing a virus. Deleted the files. Then I downloaded current virus defs from today (3/2) and scanned my entire system. No viruses detected. Not sure what the function of the file is/was.... :confused:
  5. Can anyone recommend a free antivirus web site? Can't find the site that I,ve used in the past.
  6. I use and like I just looked at they do not show the fiks.exe virus listed.

    The fiks.exe virus is not on my computer right now, I just did a search. I also use Zonealarm, I wonder if this would stop it???
  7. thanks oneway.
  8. A trojan is not a virus, it's worst: they can do what they want on your pc delete it, spy your screen activity, sending files, anything you can do yourself :D

    If you have IE5 I think they can do what they want. If you don't know even if you don't open the suspicious email they can put a trojan; with IE6 I don't think so but with progress who knows :D