Delete that Ransquack

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jasonleonard, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. That is just absurd. There are already enough garbage threads in here and you must realize that your posts are over the top.
  2. Um, the guy is a paid sponsor. Learn to use the ignore button if you dont like him.

  3. cstfx


    Exactly. They pay fees so that the rest of us can enjoy this board for FREE.

    What have you contributed?
  4. You'd think a guy who has been a member here for 3+ years would understand this concept, but apparently not :)

  5. "Um, the guy is a paid sponsor. Learn to use the ignore button if you dont like him."
    Gotcha. Did it. Done. Really should be in the "News" section if anything.

    "What have you contributed?"
    Sounds like you're taking this a bit personal.
  6. Chood


    A dozen or more threads in the same forum, most bunched together, with no or few replies. Paid sponsor or not, he might want to develop a better wait of delivering his messages. I for one won't pay attention. I didn't pay attention to Timmay either, and he was a paid sponsor.

    Not sure paying for space on ET imbues any message with quality. For sure, the ETers I have learned from are not paid sponsors (not to my knowledge, and certainly I haven't/didn't buy anything from them.)
  7. I'm not saying people should listen to them, just that they pay for the right to post and people should understand this. I mean, ET would not exist if there werent people willing to pay to advertise. The ignore button works great, the paid sponsors can post and people who dont like what they have to say can ignore them :)