Delete our own posts

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by tradecrumbs, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. We should be able to delete our own posts even after 30 minutes. Delete or edit at least.
  2. This has been discussed several times before in the recent past in the feedback threads.

    Basically, the problem is that there are too many traders that think its ok to edit/delete message posts especially in some of the active threads..

    Then denied they made such statements.

    I've seen such behavior occur with ET current time allowed (within 30mins) far too many times and I'm a little perplexed why someone would post something...delete/edit their own posts...then denied they made such even after being quoted.


    * Take your time in preparing your message in a something like Microsoft Word or a text file.

    Review it when you think you have said what you wanted to say...

    Then do a simple copy & paste into the thread you want to participate in.

    * If you said something in error or want to add more content...

    Quote your own message and add a follow-up message.

    * You can always send the moderator of the particular thread you posted your message and ask for the message post to be deleted.

  3. I think deleting our own posts in the classified ads section(only) would be a good idea because the ads get old and they are no longer effective or the stuff might be gone or sold. Just like a newspaper article when we list stuff for sale in the paper, it expires then it is gone after a few weeks or months. just a suggestion.