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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by jonnyy40, May 30, 2008.

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  1. The nature of this website has changed.The moderators are supporting the agenda of two well-known members here.Therefore I consider the rule of post and it stays forever should change too.At the time I was drawn into following the predominant character my father was sick and dying.I've also had health problems too why made me vulnerable to the psychological techniques employed.I don't want to be a part of an agenda especialy now it has been adopted by this website.This agenda will likely result in financial loss and possibly bankruptcy to a proportion of those enticed to follow it.I do not wish to be a part of leading people on.I told you I was prepared to pay a reasonable fee for the time involved in deleting my posts.That offer still stands.
  2. Hi,
    I'm a bit curious as to why would you want your posts deleted? Of the last 200 posts you have, more than half of them are in the off-topic Chit-chat sub-forum ... and many of them on youtube related topic.

    Just curious, not criticizing ... I see you also lost a lot of money and you say you have gone through a tough emotional period recently.

    Good luck to you any how.
  3. Because some of what I posted was supportive of the main character in question.Like several people (in my belief) involved at that time I was lying to myself and others.People reading those old supportive posts may well be given encouragement to stick with it and continue lying to themselves/others.It's a feed-back loop of extreme negativity.The more recent posts have generated a few hits and that's bringing activity to the website.Who knows,they may browse and come across posts by the character and his associate.I don't want to be any part of it now that in my recent experience this website has changed to be an actively supportive part of the main character's agenda.
  4. Ok,
    but you know what - I think the best thing is for you to post your updated views at the appropriate places and then just forget about those old posts. Don't get aggravated about those old posts - it's not worth it. Just let it go and get on with what needs to be done for your own sake.

    Post some updates so you can get some piece of mind, and then you have done your part. It should give you some satisfaction instead of getting bitter or living with regrets.

    Just a friendly advice.
  5. (The updated posts get deleted) lol.I'm not bitter at all I just don't want to be used.
  6. Be completely objective and calm in your resuming/updating posts. Post your peace and don't attack anyone. ... I'm sure they won't be deleted - and if they still do get deleted, there is no way of achieving what you want anyways, is there?
  7. ...Apart from having my presence (and therefore by readers possibly assumed tacit support) here removed.This is getting circular,I know you understand what I'm driving at and the only 'solution' is not to be a part of the 'problem'.
  8. Joe


    Please Check your PMs.
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