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  1. Noticed there is a delay in the grains opening? Does this happen often? Is it due to volume? (just guessing here)
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    Looks like C and S are limit up. Anyone know why?
  3. You people have to be joking.

    How can you trade the grains without knowing when the USDA reports come out? :confused:
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  5. thanks guys. Didnt know about the report. Always something new to learn. Good thing I didnt bet my house today.....
  6. I trade plenty of grains without paying any attention to USDA or any other fundamentals. It can be done.

    That said I can't figure out why I keep wiping out my trading account.....:D :D :D
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    So, I just asked this question in the other thread. Any suggestions on *which* reports are significant? USDA issues reports of some type every other day.
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    Heech its the monthly reports and you don't need notice. Diary! where is it?
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    Hmm, I don't know if its that simple? I noticed yesterday (after the fact) that IV in the bean options was substantially up, about 2-3% from day before.

    Looking through my historical IV chart versus when these monthly reports are issued... I'm not sure I see a real correlation. It really seems like there was something special about *this* report.

    Is it primarily the harvest + planting months that we need to be especially careful?
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    To answer my own question... wow, it's so obvious now in hindsight that we saw almost exactly the same thing last year.

    IV popped by 4% on 10/8, the day before the report was published. Prices soared 3% the following day (and 3% more the following Monday).

    I'll ignore 2008, because the crisis obviously throws that out of proportion. But in 2007, we saw similar pattern... IV popped by a good 2%+ on 10/11/07, the day before. It really looks like putting on some long option hedges are a popular strategy, and something I'll have to remember in the future.

    The end of quarter reports are also significant, yes? I see similar pops in IV right before 3/30, 6/30, and 9/30.
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