delayed/historical intra day data

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    I'm relatively new and would like to get my hands on some cheap delayed/historical traday data for emini futures and forex that I could use with a software like Ninja Trader or something similar. Just need something to practice on... if anyone could help would be much appreciated

  2. What for?

    Ninja can supply historical tick data;) and you can make a market replay.

    Not enough?

    Hm, there are quite some sources listed on the ninja website.
  3. Dima121


    Are you saying Ninja Trader supplies free historical data? Every time I ask them they just direct me to a page with links to different providers. Was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good affordable one for historical intra day data..
  4. If you have a real time provider set up... for some things (futures, what aI trade) ninja has its own back data servers that the software uses automatically. Not all symbols there (they need to work on that - hard), but in general the common instrments one finds.