Delay: US and Israel must enjoy second coming

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    After attending the College Republican convention, Nation journalist Max Blumenthal took his camera to the Christians United for Israel's annual Washington-Israel Summit in D.C. Founded by right-wing mega-church pastor John Hagee, the group has "added the grassroots muscle of the Christian right to the already potent Israel lobby," "forging close ties with the Bush White House and members of Congress."

    That evangelical support for Israel is largely based on "End Times" theology is largely irrelevant to the Israeli politicians who share the goal of expanding settlements into the West Bank and a military strike on Iran, but it is anything but irrelevant to the rank-and-file members and even one former House Majority Leader.

    Blumenthal opens the video by interviewing Tom Delay, who when asked how much the "Second Coming" plays into his support for Israel, says, "obviously, it's what I live for, I hope it comes tomorrow."

    Delay closed by saying, "we have to be connected to Israel to enjoy the second coming."

    While Hagee and others have stated that "End-Times" theology or eschatology plays no role in their support for Israel, the people Blumenthal interviewed tell a different story. Former Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Dore Gold, also claims that it plays no role and is not concerned with the apocalyptic undertones of such a group, claiming only the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad purports to want Armageddon.

    Blumenthal then interviews a string of conference-goers who explain how when Jesus returns all of the Jews will be "saved" after realizing the divinity of Christ. He also speaks to several people who say they are looking forward to Armageddon, because it will bring about the "cleansing of the earth."

    He is also hounded by a pair of PR flacks who want to make sure he is not asking questions about "End Times" or conversion of Jews, which according to them are questions, "okay to ask, but just not now."

    Hagee stressed the need for a preemptive military attack on Iran to "prevent a nuclear holocaust" as he introduced Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) to thunderous applause from the crowd. Lieberman compared Hagee to Moses and pointed out a visiting Rick Santorum as a "worker for what is good in our society."

    Other conference attendees were quick to note that Muslims are satanic, and that the anti-Christ would most likely be a "man of peace." Much like the College Republican convention, Blumenthal is eventually kicked out after confronting Hagee with a passage from his book that blames the Jews for their own persecution.

    Video here:
  2. "The anti Christ is the one who will come and promote peace between the Jews and the Arabs"

    Wow!! terrifying.
  3. If one goes to this idiot Blumenthal's blog you will find that he seems to think that he has "exposed" a group that people don't know about. Said group goes to Wash. DC to hold a well advertised conference, puts it on tv, does everything but shout from the rooftops why they are there, and this nutbag thinks he's "exposed" them.

    Oh yeah, he has to put forth that typical lying liberal canard that because Christians believe the bible account of the end times, that means they are craving a nuclear war to usher it in.

    Is there nothing liberals won't say or do to gain power over you(and your money)?
  4. Of course, they don't have the guts to do a story on how the radical muslims are trying to usher in their "messiah" by creating a nuclear holocaust. The Iranian dictator actually begins every speech by proclaiming it - such as his "open letter" to the American people and when he spoke at the UN. But he's a muslim, it would be racist to expose Islam, but "exposing" those evil Christians/Jews is acceptable. By the way, how many Christians and Jews have hijacked planes and crashed them into buildings? Radical Muslims: 19; Christians/Jews: 0.
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    wasnt AIPAC's Wolf Blitzer pushing for a commitment for Nuclear first strike on Iran in the debates?
  6. hey.. if you are going to make up stuff... why stop there.. go for it dude... make it something spectacular. LOL
  7. what do you mean, ratboy, have you ever read a transcript of one of Adminejad's (sp) speeches?
  8. actually they are all wrong. blumenthal isnt anti war.. he is late to that game... but he is extremely bigoted.. unfortunately he picked the right ones to expose... but most people are smart enough to recognize hagee is the new falwell/pat robertson. they dont represent real christians... just the fake rapture lemmings.
  9. LMAOOOOO... YEAH... in english!!! dude, first of all cite a source and we will take it from there.
  10. He refers to the "mahdi" in his speeches all the time. Just do a google or you tube search - it's real easy. It sounds you're one of those guys who doesn't want to believe our enemies are bad guys - just misunderstood and we're in fact the bad guys. It's nothing new, people hid their head in the sand about the Nazis, communists and now the radical muslims - history repeats itself over and over and the "useful idiots" in the US and the rest of the West are only too happy to oblige.
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