Delaware Tea Party Candidate Lies, Gets Caught, Lies Again & Again in Epic Radio Fail

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  1. Christine O’Donnell, the GOP candidate for Senate from Delaware against Senator Mike Castle, appeared on Dan Gaffney’s WGMD show and it wasn’t pretty. Gaffney, who had previously endorsed O’Donnell, asked her why she claimed she won counties in the primary that she clearly lost. When Gaffney played her the tape of her comments, O’Donnell tried to defend her misstatements by saying she was tired. Gaffney then asked why she didn’t pay certain debts from a previous campaign, and O’Donnell told him she’d continue to pray for him.

    Gaffney asked O’Donnell about what he termed “distasteful” literature from her campaign, and why it insinuated that Mike Castle was gay. O’Donnell said the person who put that out was no longer with the campaign.

    If you can stand listening beyond that, good luck.
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    Digging around in the mud as if its going to make any difference strikes me as futile.

    You behave as if some local politician caught in a lie is going to impede a massive wave of backlash against the left given the atrocities of this administration and the leftist congress. Please.
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  5. A politician lying? Whats next? A Englishman drinking tea?
  6. Well then, it doesnt matter whether the tea party replacements are lying cheating hypocrites as long as they have (R) next to their name.:eek:
  7. Why would comedy worry you?
  8. Actually that is correct. They can't be any worse than the scum they are replacing, and if the republicans take the Senate, it won't be run by Harry Reid and it won't be confirming any more Sotomayors or Kagans.
  9. Exactly.
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