DEJA VU circa 1999

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  1. Is this it? Can this be real? 1999 Nasdaq tech stocks. Now, anything from China. OMG... BIDU,CHNR, JRJC, etc. running like a mad dog.

    Damn, might as well buy a bunch of small cap chinese stocks and eventually alot of them will hit. This is surreal.
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    think of what 200B will do.
  3. You mean CIC? or the chinese investment fund
  4. In 1999, The Nasdaq P/E ratio was over 100. Today, it's around 35. So, if your stocks trippled in value overnight, that would constitute a deja vu. Otherwise, I see neither deja nor vu.
  5. ...or earnings fall 2/3.

  6. I was just reading the property prices in china went up 12 percent in august and in some places 20 percent.

    Its absolutely stunning that the chinese keep thinking that a strong yuan is going to hurt them.

    They are fleeing the currency. When they revalue the world will change
  7. Anyone know in detail what that 200B fund is buying? I thought the point of that was to get away from chinese companies and diversify resources (ie in US equities, Europe, etc.).

    Wouldn't it be legendary if the Chinese instated a policy of dumping US treasuries to buy Hong Kong and Shanghai shares, in a nationalist bend ??

    Just remember -- the Hang Seng crashed 50% in 1 or 2 days in October 87. The chart looks similar pre-runup.
  8. This whole china wealth fund thing is so overated its laughable.

    They arent going to be able to keep there current system together much longer and when it collapses we wont hear about SWF for a long time.

    a booming economy with a financial system that would have been great in the 17th century is not going to last.
  9. anyone see hong kong last night... peak to trough was down 8.6%.. hang seng broad index down in the 5% range peak to trough...

    lookin toppy!!!!
  10. Or you can short circa late 00' and cash in after the sick run ups in these China pump and dumps?

    JRJC and CHNR are more short candidates today.
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