Deja Vu all over again?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Steveyd, Mar 20, 2007.

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    So far the 2/27 market drop is playing out like 5/11/2006. Look what could be coming next: (see chart)

    "Could" is the operative word: I'm not in the business of trying to make money predicting the next move on a daily timeframe, but I think it is useful to keep in mind and consider for your trading plan. Let see how it pans out.
  2. A very strong double bottom has formed and there wont be a retest of anymore lows

    The 06; chart shows no such doublebottom before the second plunge
  3. lol
  4. Can you make a guarantee on that?
    It could be a bear flag forming in preparation for another leg down.

    Point I'm making is I'm confused why you and other permabulls speak as if forthcoming price formations are somehow predictable.

    Permabulls and permabears advertising their positions is nothing more than pumping and hyping in my book....

  5. DUDE!!! Put down the crack pipe.

    You must be a novice in this market with all the statements you have made. you certainly are not a trader but rather an investor (long only market goes up forever). Go find "Elite Investor" and rant and rave.


    Realize that you too, stocktrad3r, can actually make money by going short, in fact can historically make much more $$ in a shorter duration!!!

    Trader- buy/sell, sell/buy $$$, $$$, $$$

    Investor- buy, buy, buy more, buy this dip, make margin call, make another margin call, liquidate some, get forced to liquidate the rest, bottom is now in. :(
  6. My theory ( and I sincerely mean no disrespect to stock_trad3r) is that hes probably very young... late teens, early 20s and this whole trading thing is very new to him.

    I find it more amusing than anything.
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    your kidding right,
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    Im going to make a very BOLD prediction and say that the DOW will close under 12,000 on the next leg down. This time around it wont be a dip below 12,000 and rally that many think was the double bottom that the markets needed to keep this rally intact.

    Tomorrow is the fed meeting which should keep things volatile. There is a 99% chance they keep the rates steady at 5.25%.
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    idiotwave say 1 more wave down, how far.....? I don't know , just follow the trend.
  10. Can anyone point me to the website predicting fed rate according to futures market? It used to be quite accurate but I can no longer find the link !

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