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  1. Hi guys... I recently have been having thoughts about switching from finance to econ as a business degree because of certain classes I am taking and in general my increasing knowledge of the financial industry.

    I am about 1.5-2 yrs ahead because of AP credits (I had no life in high school) so I have plenty of time to double/triple major.

    What I am thinking about for now is getting an economics degree/statistics (and continuing with computer science classes to see if they interest me).

    I currently go to the U of A and plan on going to an Ivy for grad school.

    If I could completely follow my dreams I think I would pursue trading and psycology.

    I remember once taking an aptitude test a long time ago that told me I should be a psychologist and I ignored it of course, but the more and more I learn about myself, the more I find myself interested in human psychology in daily life and then in application to trading (maybe this is partially why I am so interested in trading).

    Unfortunetely, I don't want to be a psychologist despite the fact that I do like studying it (I routinely read books on the subject) and I can't see myself making a career out of it any other way.

    My whole life I have been in leadership positions and I do well in them, but there is some lure about being a trader that I can't get out of my head. I know it may be illogical and I often ask myself, will I be able to make it? (I have not proved to myself that I can yet). But, this is me following my dreams, and not settling, which I think is equally as important as being realistic (given that I'm 19).

    So, how about it? How does Econ / Stats / CS sound as a degree combo. I figure they would at least help me in SOME way with my trading and I believe they would be a good combo in the job market if I *cant* make it as a trader.

    Any opinions? (hope I didnt give too much boring background info)
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    if u have no life and taking all that bs in college and hs, that means well you have no life, and no experience in being ALPHA or leadership.

    leadership isnt being president of the chess club or some other bs in HS with a couple of other people with nothing to do.
  3. no. 22

    no. 22

    I heard U of A is a famed party school?
    Know anything about that?
  4. Lol you really do not know me. I'm not even going to comment on how wrong your character assessment is of me.
  5. Once again, off topic but I will answer.

    Last 2 days I probably hit up 8 different parties? Keep in mind I'm not 21, but there sure as hell isn't an absense of things to do/people to meet over here.

    I know I probably made myself sound like a loner in the post, but that is pretty off based. I'm actually really sociable... my life is one or two things - work or play. If I am home, I am trading or doing homework, if I am out it's to workout or party.

    But, now seriously, please let's get back on topic.
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    I'm pretty sure the people here are going to rip into me here for this, but "trading" is the last thing you ought to be thinking about doing after college. A decent position at a sell/buy side firm will teach you things 99% of people here have never been exposed to. What you do after that is naturally your own choice. But to think that you can read some books on technical analysis and go head to head with the market is silly. More than that - it's irrelevant. You'd be but an ant that's crushed when an elephant fights a lion.

    To be on topic, an econ/stats/cs may not give you any edge directly out of college because you go to U of A, but if you do the proper course work (I don't know anything about U of A), it will be very useful later on.
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    You are lying hot shot college kiddo.
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    University of Alaska Anchorage, or University of Alaska Fairbanks? Either way, they are both crap schools, so you'd be better off going for a master's in the lower 48...

  9. University of Arizona.

    Wow quite the response from everyone here. Pardon me, why am I a hotshot / why is everyone ripping me here?
  10. Just a word of caution:

    Market Wizards, p. 370

    Schwager: "But you didn't have any experience to fall back on.

    Baldwin: "You don't need it. You don't need any education at all to do it. The smarter you are, the dumber you are. The more you know, the worse it is for you."
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