Degrees of Confidence

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    Peculiar, No one has enough confidence to reply to this thread.:D
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  2. I've been on level 13 before and then my true self shines through.
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    "level 13-The more confidence you have in your skills, the more you think you can apply them to other fields, including fields you know nothing about."

    By definition you know next to nothing about women. The little you know is worth next to nothing.
  5. I recommend everyone have a daughter before dealing with women. I learned so much...
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    Raising with sister + raising a daughter = :thumbsup:
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    like the chicken before the egg... you had to deal with a woman in order to have your daughter.:p
  8. That was the joke :)
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    Methinks both of you miss the true humor of that joke. It's not a zen thing, like one-hand clapping.

    Q: "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

    A: "The rooster."

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