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  1. Here's the deal guys,

    I'm 22, I skipped college & found myself in Hawaii of all places. I'm making decent scratch here but my dream is to be a career day trader & relocate to New York.

    I'm at a point in my life where yes, I am young enough to go back to school and give it the old college try. But at the same time, the only thing I've ever wanted to do with my life is be my own boss and make my own hours.

    I'm just looking to see what the general consensus is on my situation, I always appreciate whatever advice and opinions I can get from more experienced folks.
  2. What's your portfolio look like now?
  3. Up 20% since I opened it last April but I'm not an active trader.
  4. grow up. you live in a nice place, make good money but you want to throw it away for a longshot dream? think about your oppertunity costs and odds of you making it.
    and coming from someone who was his own boss in several businesses over his working life. being you own boss does not necessarily allow you to make your own hours. i always worked more hours than my employees did.
  5. Oh, up 20% in less than year and you want to do better than 20% by trading more.

    Dang, someone get the recipe book out.

    Just goofing around.:p

    Good job.
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    What do you mean come to NY and become a career day trader? Get a trading gig with GS or Morgan? Then you need pedigree. Get a "job" at a prop/arcade? All you need is a check book and clean history.

    WHat is it you want to do in NY that you can't do from the beaches of Hawaii?
  7. Yeah most likely at a prop/arcade, I obviously don't have the pedigree for one of the big institutions.

    I don't make my money here by trading, but finance is my #1 interest. And the reason I want to be in New York, rather than here, is because that is the financial heart of the US. Hawaii is more for vacationers & retirees, this isn't that place you come to start your life.

    Moving to New York is already done in my mind, I will make it over there, what I was looking for was advice if I should go to college or not.
  8. Seriously, to come to NYC and dream of any career with a high school diploma is setting yourself up for disappointment.
    This area is well populated with highly educated people holding, even seeking positions.
    You are up against the best without an advanced education.
    Your goal to move to NYC is a great one, and one you should strive for and achieve.

    Education first. You are very young and can be in the middle of Manhattan in a few short years. While a degree is not a guarantee in life, it may very well increase the ability to go further, rather than a high school diploma which is a guarantee the road ahead will be a difficult one.
  9. a hotdog vendor in NYC makes mid six figures. now there's a job you can relish :D

  10. Now thats funny !

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