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    What degree is most related to trading stocks daily. Is finance, economics, or physcology. What do you think?
  2. Financial Economics, and it's not finance and it's not economics, somewhat of a combo but with a greater emphasis on econometric research and statistical analysis.
  3. Add financial engineering, math, physics and computer science to your list.
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    You have to attend The School of Hard Knocks
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    Degrees are great and nearly essential these days. But, a degree means nothing in the context of what I think the OP is intending.

    Trading is more about guts and endurance, rather than how many degress one has or even how smart one is.
  6. I do not believe there is a single undergraduate degree program offered in financial engineering, but to your answer, I prefer Georgia Tech's Quantitative Finance graduate program, very similar.

    Math, physics, and computer sci don't help understanding markets and why they move the way they do. Not that they aren't smart, but that without a knowledgable financial background makes it akin to gambling b/c there is no solid foundation in macroeconomics or microeconomics, let alone understanding of financial theories that are completely relevant if you really wanted to become a serious trader. You'll have to learn it any way, and I'm not saying that degree doesn't help, it's just quicker not having to learn how to interpret econometric data without any training.
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    Major in mathematics, primarily statistics and minor in Finance.
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    True but if he has the right degree from the right school he can attend this University with someone else's money :D

  9. Philosophy then heavy on mathematics.
  10. Before I even opened this thread I planned on posting this exact quote!


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