Defund the Capitol Police

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    For many years the majority of Democrats in Congress have promoted "Defunding the Police".

    Actions speak louder than words! It is time for Congress to demonstrate national leadership. They should be the first to have the same level of police protection they expect the rest of America to trust. Defund the Capitol Police.

    The social workers out front can work to deescalate the rioters.
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    Capitol unless you do mean the police that are killing people?

    Maybe start the thread can GWB get any dumber? :p
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    repost (by your own hand), but I'll play.

    They definitely should. And they should also be screened for competence:
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    damned auto-correct
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  5. $450 million a year? I hope that includes all security measures and systems in all buildings and grounds and not just the police force itself... that is a colossal waste of way they cannot protect that building and staff for half that. Someone is grifting the federal government as usual and pocketing huge consulting fees.
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    you're being anti-cop and pro-antifa with that logic ocho
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    Gets us all, the right here would not notice as they don't have the mental capacity differentiate similar seeming things, you know like anarchist and antifascist?
  8. This is the kind of shit that gets people upset...

    Cops come to Target and stop 3 black teenagers who they thought stole iphones (the actual theifs broke into a display and ran out the store which could have been checked on camera but why bother when you have 3 black teens as easy targets).

    In order to protect himself, one of the teens started recording on his cellphone. Guess what happened:
    One of the deputies slapped Malik's cellphone out of his hand and caused the device to break when he also tried to capture footage.

    Guess what the police said:

    Sheriff's Captain Sal "Chuck" Becerra explained in a statement the deputies' supervisors conducted an investigation looking into the Target incident. The department concluded the deputies involved did not use "physical force" with one of the teens or damage a cellphone.

    Don't defund them.....but when this shit happens fire them and bring in new recruits that are better trained. If they are willing to lie about simple shit, imagine how they are violating rights all day long on more serious shit. COPS need fear of firing like we all do when we fuck up at work. The Target security officer initially involved was immediately fired.
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    For those who did not see this story...

    Target apologizes after three Black teens wrongfully detained at California store
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    Way back in 2000 this happened in America. I can assure you that the national police of other nations.. Well on a good day I have scored 130 (1 in 50) and I did not feel particularly smart compared to the staff at the UK police HQ I worked at for years. Forces may vary but this is not a good thing.

    Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

    N E W L O N D O N, Conn., Sept. 8, 2000 -- A man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test has lost an appeal in his federal lawsuit against the city.

    The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld a lower court’s decision that the city did not discriminate against Robert Jordan because the same standards were applied to everyone who took the test.

    “This kind of puts an official face on discrimination in America against people of a certain class,” Jordan said today from his Waterford home. “I maintain you have no more control over your basic intelligence than your eye color or your gender or anything else.”

    He said he does not plan to take any further legal action.

    Jordan, a 49-year-old college graduate, took the exam in 1996 and scored 33 points, the equivalent of an IQ of 125. But New London police interviewed only candidates who scored 20 to 27, on the theory that those who scored too high could get bored with police work and leave soon after undergoing costly training.

    Most Cops Just Above Normal The average score nationally for police officers is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104, or just a little above average.

    Jordan alleged his rejection from the police force was discrimination. He sued the city, saying his civil rights were violated because he was denied equal protection under the law.

    But the U.S. District Court found that New London had “shown a rational basis for the policy.” In a ruling dated Aug. 23, the 2nd Circuit agreed. The court said the policy might be unwise but was a rational way to reduce job turnover.

    Jordan has worked as a prison guard since he took the test.
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