Defrag, Tune-up, Update and Protect!

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  1. Defrag, Tune-up, Update and Protect!

    When is the last time you deleted files, defragged and tuned up, updated and protected your computer.

    Creating and deleting files leaves unused disk space on your hard drive. Normally, when you save a file, there is not enough free space available to put your file in one piece on the disk.

    If a new file does not fully fit into this space, Windows breaks it into pieces and saves these pieces each at various free locations on your disk. When the file is loaded again, Windows must first find the pieces, load and put them together.

    The less fragmented the hard drive, the longer its useful life.
    O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware Edition will move your fragmented files to a place where they can be saved in one piece. Access will be sped up, because the whole file can be read in one step.
    Follow this link to Download Archive look for “O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware Edition.”

    Retired products and versions and the Microsoft Management Console V1.2 are available in Download Archive .

    “O&O Defrag 2000 Freeware Edition-English.”
    Version: 3.5.562 (released 2001-05-02)
    File size: 2,128 KB - Approx. download time 22 sec (768 kbps)
    Download via FTP: oodfre_V3.5.562_english.exe
    Download via HTTP: oodfre_V3.5.562_english.exe

    Sites to
    “Tune-up, Update and Protect,” your computer. Run a quick tune up click on supplied fixes to speed up your Internet connections and let your machine run more efficiently.

    Windows Update Updates your system with new Windows features, device drivers, and system updates available from Microsoft.

    EndItAll 1 will let you shut down all non essential programs whenever you are installing installing programs. Save it somewhere, then install it, and restart.

    Zone Alarm’s free firewall protection only lets traffic through the Internet ports that you have specified can be used. This has two security benefits:

    · No one can sneak into your computer through an unguarded port.
    · Programs on your computer cannot use unguarded ports to contact the outside world without your permission.
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    the gefrag was effective

  3. Why would you use another defrag product when Windows comes with it's own defrag? I have Windows 2000, and I think I would rather use their defrag than get another program.
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    Forget Zonealarm, they've become too buggy. Caused me all sorts of problems. Get Sygate Firewall at CNET downloads. Also free, also puts your computer in stealth mode. Just remember once you have it set up to go back and uncheck the box where it says "Allow Servers" for each application. It is set to allow servers for newbies to not cause intial problems with them.:)
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    Yet Another Defrag Product ......

    This effort may have some merit but .......

    The existing product bundled with Windows works reasonably well - unix systems also have their solutions.

    A better (faster) defrag might have some merit but their is not a lot of room from improvement from the bundled MS version - which they simply bought from the original developer. Morover, since its bundled its supported by MS which for larger installations eliminates consideration of another vendor.

    This "bundling" strategy of MS will continue and expand. This strategy makes it very tough for ISV's - unless they have a product that MS wants to bundle since its borderline revolutionary in which case MS might buy it outright or buy their company ......
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    I appreciate the links provided..I was using WinME on one computer and one of your links helped me with something I needed..appreciate it.


  7. Winners do not accept default values. How could they. If the default values of life worked for eveyone. No one would ever get ahead.

    Windows NT and Windows 2000 Do Not Prevent Fragmentation
    “Windows NT and Windows 2000 have no built-in feature to automatically prevent disks from being fragmented. Even worse, if you use a compressed NTFS-partition, fragmentation will increase due to the mechanisms used. A partition can only be reset to an defragmented state by re-formatting it. But this is usually not the first choice. O&O Defrag might be a better one!”

    “O&O Defrag analyzes and reorganizes your saved files. Fragmented files will be moved to a place where they can be saved in one piece. Access will be sped up, because NT does not need to search for remaining pieces anymore. The whole file can be read in one step.”
  8. This ones for you Bonnie, “Defrag, Tune-up, Update, Protect and Clean Registry!”

    When you think about what Defragging does, it is simple to visualize. When you Defrag, it is like you are removing bubbles caused by normal disk operations like creating and deleting files. You are de-fragmentizing the drive by getting rid of the bubble like unused spaces. The problem with the bubbles is that when your CPU writes data to your drive it prefers to fill up the blank spaces or bubbles first. What this does is separate your programs/files into tiny chunks spread out all over the place.

    When you remove these spaces by moving all the successive programs down, your hard drive is forced to put the complete program in one place instead of many. This is easier on your drive and preserves the integrity of your programs.
    So, the O&O Defragmentation program does three things.

    First, it removes the bubble like spaces that you can see on your screen by moving the programs over to fill in the blank spaces.

    Second, it restores the broken up programs and files and saves them in one piece.

    Third, You can stay Online and use your computer normally during Defragmentation.

    When I run Defrag, even a simple thing like saving a new CD can take a long time. Because all of the spaceless files after CD’s have to be moved over to make room.

    But if you will. After you have run the O&O Free version for the first time, run it again. Because your files are now whole, and spaces have been eliminated, you will see Defrag now takes place very rapidly.

    O&O Defrag takes very little time when used frequently. I usually run O&O Defrag about every three weeks, or whenever updating and installing programs or deleting and editing photos.

  9. Clean Registry

    The function "Clean Registry," will fix most Windows registry problems automatically.

    Microsoft's RegClean utility is essential preventive maintenance for all Windows users. You can get RegClean by Microsoft here or you can find it at or other download sites by searching for it. When you need it just come back here for it. Your download will be a file named REGCLEAN.EXE.

    The downloaded file is a WinZip self-extracting exe and it extracts to three files. Click REGCLEAN.EXE to extract the contents to a temporary folder. One file it produces is called the same name as the archive: RegClean.exe. The size is 818KB approximately. Run this file and make sure it runs the RegClean utility properly.

    RegClean makes files called "UNDO...... reg" in the folder where you install it. These files can be checked with Windows Notepad. Refer to RegClean documentation for information. They contain normally boring system information in case RegEdit damages the Registry.

    Make Backups! Keep good backups of all your valuable data. Most installations will work fine but do not take the risk. Backups ensure security and remove risk.

    You can test your registry for corruption first by exporting it to a file.

    From the Start Menu, select Run, type regedit and press <return>. The regedit utility starts. Click "My Computer" at the top left of the window. Click the "Registry," menu and "Export.” Enter a filename of your choice, select the "All" option button and press "Save.”
    If your registry exports correctly without error messages, your system is working properly. If it doesn't export correctly, reformat your disk and reinstall Windows Now!

    Then run "Clean Registry," whenever you do your tune-ups.