Deflation? Stagflation? Hyperinflation?

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    M3 dipped significantly in September in defiance of easy credit and about-as-low-as -possible rates. Could we yet sink into the morass of deflation?

    With all these trillions of new dollars pumped into the economy over the past few years, is some deadly form of price-inflation lurking around the corner?

    Any economist types out there who can give the rest of some guidance on this most serious of topics?
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    Once upon a time in America anybody who had any job could afford a house; now home ownership requires 2 overtime-supplemented incomes!
  3. And they can't create a dynastie with eleven children anymore hee hee !

  4. that is just not true. its always been a struggle to buy a home. in my parents day they saved for 5 years before the could afford a down payment on a home. nowdays young people think they are entitled to move into a new house as soon as they get married.
    home ownership has never been easier in most areas of the country. low interest rates, low or no down payments.
    my sister who is a single mother of 2 making 24000 was recently able to purchase a brand new home.
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    In most urban and suburban areas the housing prices are very high (the RE 'Bubble'). The low interest rates may make it easy to commit to a house, but hanging on to that pricey house when the interest rates reverse with an improving economy or, conversely, when the housing prices and earnings tumble if the economy fails may prove a tad difficult.

  6. Tell me about it. Just recently I was looking to buy a lot of land in my neigborhood to build a house may be. 100X100 lot goes for $890,000. You move to a suburb somwhere, you'll still have to put up like 400-500K.
  7. i will sell you all the land you want for $500 per acre from my farm.
  8. well said. the original complaint reminds me of someone crying about having to pay $240 per share for YHOO. There were plenty of other, less volatile equities out there at that time.
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    OK - but we can't all live on the farm.
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