Deflation or Inflation for 09?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lrm21, Dec 27, 2008.

What's Happening? in 09

  1. Deflation - Cash is King

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  2. Inflation - What goes for normal I guess

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  3. High Inflation - Get your money out

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  4. Hyper Inflation - Too late to get your money out

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  2. Honestly, I think we have inflation so bottled up right now. The money supply is growing and nobody is slowing that. If the credit freeze suddenly is not a problem then the cork is out of the inflation bottle, Obama is in charge and look out.
  3. all you need to do is look at this list.

    the USA is in some fine company and we're likely to move up the list next year with a trillion+ dollar hole in the ground.

    and likely a trillion+ dollar hole in 2010 with 5 year ARM resets beginning then starting with the boom from 2005

    it should be worth the price of admission
  4. IMHO I think inflation will likely to develop out at some stage as the massive USD been printed out to bail out failed enterprises and many propose government spending projects. Also keep in mind that the growth in many emerging market will probably still grow amid lower pace!! The main inflation drive likely to be artificial low rate and credit creation at Central bank level..