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Discussion in 'Trading' started by pete180, Sep 26, 2001.

  1. pete180


    under 25.000 $ traders
    if I buy today three different stocks and sell em tomorrow, did I finish my trading week ? or can I buy tomorrow again and sell the day after tomorrow and so on ? the question is: am I a PDT if I always hold overnight ?
  2. Atlantic


    pete - you are not. pdt concerns pure intradaytrading.
  3. pete180


    would this mean that i could make as many trades as i want if i stay in every trade overnight ?
  4. Atlantic


    yes - i think so. but holding overnight can be very risky these days. and if one of your stops gets triggered the same day - you would have a daytrade.
  5. tuna


    Pete....My understanding is you are allowed 3 roundtrip daytrades in any 5 day period. Anymore you're classified as a pattern daytrader.
    Anything held overnite is not a daytrade so doe'snt count, as many as you want.

    Take a look at EXDS 24/9---25/9 shows that to do it that way it may pay to be on the ball at 8am