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    Please tell me the definiton of a bonus. Then tell me if this is in line in this day and age.

    My opinion..

    No performance, no bonus. No growth, no bonus. Bailout, no bonus.

    Is it me, or do all those companies forgot, what exactly a bonus is, or for that matter, a salary?
  2. Mecro


    No, they are just taking their last chance to rob the public. That's why it's so blatant.

    It's only the top of the pyramid within these firms that are pushing hard for this. They know that the time is up.

  3. I agree 100%
    no merit - no bonus
  4. blade235


    I just don t understand that the offer of a bailout, doesn t come with a couple of rules, like, I don t know, no bonusses?
  5. how about this rule:
    any organization taking the bailout --- all income will be taxed at 80% levels until the government funds are repaid in full with interest

    tie the interest rate to the 10 year note
  6. You could get a bonus for something as simple as showing up at work everyday. Various incentives can reduce turnover. If your annual pay were 60% bonus, it could be predicated on dozens of things other than profits.
  7. Well, someone in those companies thinks they're worth a bonus, and since those receiving bonuses are wayyyy up the chain, it is clear that normal rules of performance do not apply to them, as they would to the majority of that firm's employees. No way. These folks got rich bonuses not because of profit or cost-cutting, but because they played a part in the financial game that netted that firm billions in bailout money. They did or said the right things at the right times. They got paid for playing politics.

  8. thats why the best thing to do is tax it at 80% until the govt funds are returned in full with interest

    for anyone earning over 5 mil a year it should be 95%
  9. blade235


    Government should step up in this game, since politics is their game, and smack that greed grin and dollar sign eyes of their face.

    How hard could it be to put some legal restrictions in this bailout business.
  10. There is precedent for it. Rate have been as high as 90%.
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