Defining Moment: Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

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  1. You know what? He has made the correct decision in endorsing Obama, and his stated reasons although not all inclusive as to why I think Obama will do just fine, are correct regardless what all the hypocrites in the "do as i say, not as iI do" party say about him. We DO need a generational change (and I have been saying that for a year) AND Obama IS a more stable and steadfast guy than many many other politiciians. It is just a fact of his personality. AND apparently reports say that he has always been that way, not really an argumentative type but one who uses intellect and smarts to succeed. I mean look it... this guy beat Hillary Clinton. No easy task, right!!? So why can't he begin to restore the image of the USA, that was tarnished under no-brains Bush's 8 years of disgraceful, inarticulate and ambiguous leadership!.

    Further, Powell correctly said that Sarah Palin is NOT ready to lead. Sorry all you excuseniks who rationalize that this Country can safely be placed in the hands of Palin in 1-2-3 or 4 years down-the-road if McCain is elected and falls ill. But she is not!!! I would say that with integrity whether I was republican or democrat or independent! It is just an objective fact and should be accepted by anyone who really cares about this Country. The fact that Republicans are willing to spin her as being capable to be President IF McCain gets sick.... really once and for all defines the party's character as a party willing to win at any cost, and perfectly willing to sell out their Country that they purport to love and cherish more than Democrats and others!
  2. Simple logic:

    A) 99% of blacks support Obama
    B) Colin Powell is Black
    C) Colin Powell supports Obama
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    He is spot on with his criticism of the McCain campaign around 3:30 in this video.

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  4. Mercor,
    You're not good at math in high school, were you.

    Oh My, yet another dumbfuck Republican to educate, no wonder Bill Gates has been whining so long about lack of science and engineering talent in the states. you can't compute your way out of a paper bag, let alone a deficit

    Expect for White males (unfortunately true), who , check the polling history, have been historically and consistently voting Republican since the dawn of humanity. Everybody else changes their votes depending on the candidate / party.

    So, your "logic" or lack thereof , does in fact apply to people like you.
    Black, Jewish, females, latinos, minority voters all fine tune their vote depending on the candidate / isssues.
  5. A) 99% of blacks are Democrats
    B) Colin Powell is not Democrat
    C) Colin Powell supports Obama

  6. Guys like you will go to their grave with little or no integrity in intellectual thought. That's fine with me; but don't share your ignorance with others who have a deeper and more solid faith and confidence in others integrity and purpose.

    Powell is a solid Republican and his black skin had nothing to do with this endorsement although light-weights cynics like you probably believe that behind every independent thought is an ulterior motive supported by more than simply the integrity of the person(s) offering the thoughts or ideas! In my view, IF he did not really believe what he said then he would have not said it.... since he is a man who by all reports loves the Country, makes good judgments and is willing to be flexible in the face of adversity!

    On the other hand Republicans are supporting a clearly incompetent VP choice with little or no integrity for THEIR propostiion that she is ready whatsoever to be President should McCain win, and then fall ill or die!
  7. A) 99% of blacks are Democrats
    B) Colin Powell is not Democrat
    C) Colin Powell is seeking Black love
  8. Powell HAD to endorse Obama. His life depended on it.
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    Yeah, like Obama was drooling for the support of Collin Powell a true architect behind the Iraq war, imagine both of them on standing on the same stage. It's going to be a tough gig for Obama to pull off... I'll give you a few reasons why a lot of voters including most conservatives would rather chose Palin a pro gun, pro life, and anti gay marriage advocate than voting for Obama with his gay supporters ans his factual involvements w/ terrorists. odingo.htm
  10. Colin Powell is a disgraced shitbag. Figures his ethics would wind up at a HF.
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