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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Breakout, May 23, 2002.

  1. Miki


    CartelTrader, I see you are using QQL.

    I've just heard they are no longer providing the service. :(

    Have you found replacement for it yet?
    #11     May 24, 2002
  2. Bono


    I agree with posting no.2 (by Jim Bartley) ... the basic definition of a trend is as follows :

    1) Bullish Trend = Higher Peaks + Higher Troughs
    2) Bearish Trend = Lower Peaks + Lower Troughs
    3) Trendless Market = Any other combination

    Indicators should only be used to filter and fine tune entry and exit points, once a trend is identified.
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  3. I got the email this morning from QQL about the cancelation.

    I might go to Esignal but I tell you that QQL was perfect for me and this is a fucking inconvenience. I hope they reconsider, I sent them an email yesterday.

    Any suggestions welcomed.
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  4. Hi Bono,

    I guess I should be a little more specific. I guess what I'm trying to say is, what indicators do you guys use to guage
    "Momentum" in an intra-day time frame? I agree with you Bono, but what I'm suggesting is more of an indicator that helps the trader to recognize "something happening" in the market.

    I'm not trying to say your definition of a trend is over simplified, but on a intra-day chart(3 min, 5 min etc) you can have higher highs, and lower lows all day long and still be in a flat market.

    I've just personally found that MACD above .60 or below -.60,
    and ADX above 30 on a 100 tick chart often ques me that a good move may be in store.

    And maybe, you can see all this without indicators and that's great, but I find they help me and I just thought maybe there were some other traders on this forum who also like to use these
    types of indicators.
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  5. white


    This might be a little off the subject, but what do you guys think is the best indicator to confirm a market move " futures" on the NASDAQ, the NYSE has a few but I can't find any good ones on the NASDAQ

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  6. I have never found any indicator that works more than 50% of the time.
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  7. 50% is cool...which one is your favorite?
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  8. Hi white...what NYSE indicators "confirm" a market move?
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  9. white



    There is a thread call, TICK and TIKI on page four of trading. It touches on the NYSE and indicators.

    #19     May 24, 2002
  10. PHISEL


    Bollinger bands are a good indicator to evaluate the trend and the capacity of continuation of this trend.
    don't you use them?
    #20     May 24, 2002