Define reform first

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  1. Dear Leader Obama has promised to push forward on immigration reform. I'd like to know what his idea of reform is. Any reform that does not include removal of all incentives to come here isn't reform, it's a free ride on our back. No free heathcare, no educational opportunities, no public aid, no job, no anchor baby bullshit, no nothing if your're illegal. My guess is his way around this would be to just make everyone legal the minute they set foot on American soil. Therefore, any reform that does not address border security is simply an effort to advocate open borders for all.

  2. Obama half asses everything so the dream act is probably the most he will do

    I think Reagans amnesty plan the amnesty plan Bush and McCain tried to pass were more generous to illegals then the dream act
  3. We will have open borders, everywhere, eventually. Nationalism is the ideology of children. There is one planet, and one species.
  4. Can't work, won't work. It's not in our DNA to get along.
  5. Cool. Then we should also dismantle the unions and give the business to the lowest bidder. The private sector has been moving this way for decades, but the public sector (as completely inefficient as it always is) continues to run a protection racket and drive up the costs to the taxpayer.

    So bring them all in and let them compete for those "sacred cow" jobs. Pass the savings along. I'm all for it.
  6. pspr


    You are an idiot. It will never happen for more than a host of reasons.

    BTW, where is your trading Journal or list of trades in your contest with PT and Lucrum?